August 24, 2014 closing
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Ok guys seriously I like the new look, also that you are working on OpenSocial, but seriously the great majority here could benefit from a Facebook Connect module. Have you considered implementing that?
I would definitely vote for this. Why don't you post it in the feature request?
That would help. Lots people want to take their website to the next level and give their users the options to login with their different accounts. This will also
increase the site's activities.
agree with you 100%
Facebook connect is one big way forward. Planning without it is a poor idea.
I personally dont see much use of it, having one social networking site drive traffic towards other sites doesnt make much sense to me, but if you request it and people vote enough for it you should see it in the final version smile
Sorry this is also nothing for me, and in a long range view, facebook connect would be negative for your community and a security risk.
This is something that doesnt need to be part of the engine and can be done as a plugin later if enough people want it, but as it stands I dont see the point in it either..
I think its a good idea very good
I have placed a note in the proper request forum category as well.
I think if you have a way to connect and INVITE your friends from other social networks, you gain one more avenue of quickly growing your community. If you take it one step further and have the ability for a user to stay on your site but access messages, IM and such from other can offer a better user experience.

I don't believe you can grow a phpfox into a facebook or myspace competitor, it will never be unique enough. If you are looking to do that, you need to invest and have something built for you..ground up. But, you can compete with other sites in your niche that are running their sites using other php scripts. The trick is to have a better script then they do with more features.

My vote is to tie in as much social networking from popular sites, as possible.
Could I ask one simple question to all of you who responded negatively to the Facebook connect project? Have you studied carefuly what FBC really is and what are the benefints? What FBC really is:

1. It simplifies signup process
2. Allows to import following items from FB account: interests, age, gender, location, profile picture, name, friends, photos, events, groups, and more.
3. Users can easily share their actions on partner sites with their friends via Facebook Feed, requests, and notifications. So if this Facebook Connect integration is done well, whatever your users (who signed up using FB Connect) do on you site (like post a blog, create a group) will be shown in their and their friends' Facebook Feeds linking to your site!. This is a great free advertising and will drive traffic from Facebook to your social networks!

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